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Our STORY...

TWR was founded by Dr. Leisa Premdas, a lauded eclecticist and editorial consultant with two and a half decades of experience in the communications and education space combined.


In public relations, Dr. Premdas worked with agency constituents to develop publicity materials and strategies for multiple clients across industries and countries. Deep analysis, creative positioning, and timely elevation of news-worthy items for clients like the Jamaica Tourist Board, Africare, the National Science and Technology Medals Foundation, Budweiser, and graphologist Beverley East were keys to success.


Over the years, she earned a reputation as an impeccable writer, producing a body of work appearing either verbatim or in part in a wide range of media outlets including, but not limited to Crain’s New York Business, The Washington Post, The World and I, Fox 5 News. Later, those rhetorical skills were utilized in higher education to educate students in the art of rhetoric and composition, to draft and edit academic material and grants, to create event-related promotional materials like press releases and programs, and to develop corporate paraphernalia, including stakeholder publications and bios.

Beyond the scope of her professional responsibilities, she also writes and participates in creative writing activities and communities for the mere thrill of it, her latest being a critique of a journal article that was recently published in The Age of Awareness and a creative nonfiction piece that was selected for distribution on

Awarded several academic teaching and research fellowships, Dr. Premdas currently works with students, educators, attorneys, corporate executives, and literary artists to advise on their various writing projects. She holds a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from the City University of New York and a Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership from St. John’s University.

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