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Well, we come bearing gifts. We come with experience. We come with knowledge. We come with credentials. We come with personality. We come with passion. We come with urge, alacrity, affinity, resolve - all in relation to rhetoric (i.e. words) and their potential impact on mission - your mission! We just love them: the messages they convey, the meanings they carry, the emotions they instill, the passions they stir, the reactions they provoke, the actions they encourage.

We love every ounce of them! So we obsess over them, to align them well so as to unleash their power - and for one reason: that you will glean our excitement, marvel at our talent, trust our preparation, and plunge into partnership. With two and a half decades of writing experience across genres, industries, and countries, we believe we've earned that privilege. But you, with a goal as meaningful and as important as yours, you deserve that privilege!

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